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The International Conference on Multiphase Systems, ICMS'2000
Ufa, RUSSIA, June 15-17, 2000

Time Schedule

June 15

Plenary Lectures
Chairman R. F. Ganiev
1030 G. G. Cherny
(Moscow, RUSSIA)
Non-Self-Similar Interaction of Gas-Dynamics Jamps
1115 M. Z. Podowski
(Troy, NY, USA)
Recent developments in the modelling and analysis of two-phase flow instabilities
1145 S. S. Grigoryan
(Moscow, RUSSIA)
Problems on the Mechanics of Earthquakes
Multiphase Flows

Chairman R. T. Lahey, Jr.
Acoustics of Multiphase Systems

Chairman V. K. Kedrinsky
1330 V. M. Fomin
(Novosibirsk, RUSSIA)
Solution of the Problems on Multiphase Flow Mechanics by the Method of Molecular Dynamics
A. A. Gubaidullin, O. U. Kuchugurina
(Tumen, RUSSIA)
Propagation of Linear Surface Waves in Saturated Porous Media
1350 D. A. Drew, R. T. Lahey,  Jr., T. Nigmatulin
(Troy, NY, USA)
An analysis of wavy annular flow
N. A. Gumerov
(Fulton, MD, USA)
Dynamics of Vapour Bubbles in Acoustic Fields
1405 A. N. Osiptsov, E. B. Vasilevsky
(Moscow, RUSSIA)
Supersound Streamlining and Heat Exchange of a Blunt Body in the Dust-Bearing Gas Flow
I. Shreiber
(Beer-Sheva, ISRAEL)
Acoustics and hydrodynamics of foams
1420 C. Kouris, J. A. Tsamopoulos
(Patras, GREECE)
Stability and Dynamics of Core-Annular Flow in a Periodically Constricted Circular Tube
I. B. Esipov, M. A. Mironov, V. A. Pirogov, O. M. Zozulya
(Moscow, RUSSIA)
Modification of Viscoelastic Oil Properties by Means of Sound
1435 S. A. Ocheretyany, V. V. Prokofiev
(Moscow, RUSSIA)
Multivelocity Effects in the Flow of a Two-Phase Bubbly Mixture Within the Zones of Pressure High Gradients
S. P. Avershyev, A. Djabrailov, N. Mamadaliev, R. G. Moginov
(Moscow, RUSSIA)
On Propagation of Wave Package in Stratified Plastic-Elastic Media
1450 A. V. Neuvazhayev
(Snezhinsk, RUSSIA)
Application of Diffusion Models of Turbulent Mixing for Complex Flows Description
D. A. Gubaidullin
(Kazan, RUSSIA)
Dynamics of Small-Amplitude Plane, Spherical and Cylindrical Disturbances in Polydispersed Vapor/Gas/Drop Systems
1505Posters & Coffee-break
Multiphase Flows

Chairman V. M. Fomin
Analytical Methods in Mechanics

Chairman V. N. Monakhov
1630 S. Kakaç
(Coral Gables, FL, USA)
Two-Phase Flow Dynamic Instabilities in a Boiling Channel
V. N. Monakhov
(Novosibirsk, RUSSIA)
Theoretical Analysis of Thermal Two-Phase Filtration Models
1650 N. A. Pribaturin
(Novosibirsk, RUSSIA)
Influence of Disturbance of Pressure on Mass Transfer in Two-Phase Media
V. A. Baikov
A Group Analysis of Differential Equations of Mechanics: Explicit and Asymptotic Solutions, Laws of Conservation
1705 V. U. Liapidevskii
(Novosibirsk, RUSSIA)
Transition from separated flow into slug flow regime
I. Gabitov
(Los Alamos, USA)
Optical solitons as carriers on information in optical fiber links: theory, experiment and industrial application
1720 N. B. Il'insky
(Kazan, RUSSIA)
On Inverse Boundary Problems of Aerohydrodynamics
A. P. Chupakhin
(Novosibirsk, RUSSIA)
Singularities in Flows of a Compressible Liquid
1735 A. M. Starik, A. M. Saveliev
(Moscow, RUSSIA)
Peculiar Features of Aerosol Formation in the Streams of Rocket Engines
S. V. Khabirov
Invariant Solutions of Rank 1 in Gas Dynamics
1750 Yu. M. Tsirkunov, A. N. Volkov, S. V. Panfilov
(St. Peterburg, RUSSIA)
Numerical Analysis of Dilute and Dense Gas-Particle Mixture Flows over Bodies
V. Yu. Novokshenov
Zero-dispersion limit to the Korteveg-de Vries equation: a dressing chain approach

June 16

Plenary Lectures
Chairman G. G. Cherny
0900 A. Kh. Mirzadjanzade
(Baku, Azerbaijan)
Investigations into Dynamic Processes if Oil and Gas Production
0930 G. Yadigaroglu
New Trends and Introduction of Multiphase CFD Methods in Nuclear Engineering
1000 R. Mettin, S. Luther, O. Lindau, P. Koch, W. Lauterborn
(Göttingen, GERMANY)
Investigations of cavitation bubble dynamics by means of fast cinematography
1045 T. Theofanous
(Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
The physics of nucleate pool boiling and CHF
1115 B. I. Nigmatulin, V. N. Blinkov, O. I. Melikhov, M. V. Davydov
(Electrogorsk, RUSSIA)
Analysis of Bubble Condensator Operation Under Conditions of Maximum Possible Emergency at Nuclear Power Station
1145V. A. Simonenko, V. N. Nogin, Yu. A. Kucherenko, G. V. Kovalenko, N. G. Karlykhanov
(Snezhinsk, RUSSIA)
Collapse of a Single Bubble: Physical Effects and Prospects for Investigations
Shock Waves & Sonolumenescence

Chairman V. A. Simonenko
Technologies for Oil and Gas Production, Transportation and Processing

Chairman A. Kh. Mirzadjanzade
1330 V. K. Kedrinskii
(Novosibirsk, RUSSIA)
Shock and Rarefaction Waves in a Bubbly Medium: Two-Phase Model and Experiment
M. M. Khasanov
Computer Technologies for Designing and Monitoring Oil and Gas Production Processes
1350 V. V. Mitrofanov,
(Novosibirsk, RUSSIA)
Detonation and Quasi-Detonation in Multiphase Media
K. M. Fedorov
(Tumen, RUSSIA)
Problems, Methods and Models of the Processes of Physicochemical Effects on a Borehole Critical Zone
1405 O. I. Melikhov, V. I. Melikhov, A. V. Sokolin
(Electrogorsk, RUSSIA)
Propagation of Thermal Detonation Wave with Microinteraction
R. A. Valiullin
Studies on Multiphase Flow in Oil Pool and Hole for Geophysical Oil Production Monitoring
1420 A. V. Fedorov, Yu. A. Gosteev
(Novosibirsk, RUSSIA)
A Theoretycal Investigation of Thermal Explosion in Movable Multiphase Media
F. L. Sayakhov (Ufa), R. U. Maganov (Moscow), Yu. B. Salikhnov (Noviy Urengoy)
Basic Principles of a High-Frequency Electromagnetic Technology for Assimilation of Novel Hydrocarbon Resources
1435 Duong Ngoc Hai (Hanoi, VIETNAM),
U. Müller (Karlsruhe, GERMANY)
Dynamics of the Bubble - Inside Drop System
R. Z. Syunyaev, R. Z. Safieva
(Moscow, RUSSIA)
Aggregation of the Dipolar Macro-Molecules in Oil Systems
1450 A. A. Aganin, M. A. Ilgamov
(Kazan, RUSSIA)
Dependence of Bubble Compression Parameters on External Pressure
A. V. Zolotukhin
(Stavanger, NORWAY)
Quantifying Uncertainties in Resources Estimate and Field Development Planning
1605Posters & Coffee-break
Shock Waves & Sonolumenescence II

Chairman W. Lauterborn
Deformation of Solid Bodies

Chairman S. S. Grigoryan
1630 R. P. Taleyarkhan, R. T. Lahey, Jr., F. Moraga, F. Bonnetto
(Oak Ridge, TN, USA)
Experimental and analytical investigations on role of multi-frequency excitation on enhancing sonoluminescence in air-water mixtures
A. A. Vakulenko, N. F. Morozov
(Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA)
Studies of the Problems on Destruction with Account for Multifield Nature of the Process
1650 B. G. Pokusaev
(Moscow, RUSSIA)
Non-Steady Processes in Multiphase Media
E. A. Bondarev, Yu. S. Urzhumtsev
(Yakutsk, RUSSIA)
Optimal Design of Layered Viscoelastic Covers Made of a Discrete Set of Materials
1705 V. S. Teslenko, A. P. Drozzhin, V. V. Mitrofanov, G. I. Sankin
(Novosibirsk, RUSSIA)
Generation and Focusing of Shock Acoustic Waves in a Liquid, Luminescence of Liquid under Cavitation
A. V. Koldoba, Yu. A. Povechenko, A. Kh. Pergament, N. A. Simus
(Moscow, RUSSIA)
Mathematical Modeling of a Strained State of Porous Media Brought by Liquid Injection
1720 A. A. Doinikov
Bjerkness forces in compressible fluids
K. S. Kolesnikov, A. V. Ostrik, V. N. Bakulin
(Sergiev Posad, RUSSIA)
Numerical Modeling of Wave Processes When the Influence of Radiation on Heterogeneous Materials
1735 N. A. Pelekasis, A. Gaki, A. Doinikov, J. A. Tsamopoulos
(Patras, GREECE)
Secondary Bjerknes Forces and the Phenomenon of Acoustic Streamers
V. S. Kulikov, R. R. Mavlyutov, T. N. Mardimasova
Some Theoretical and Calculation Problems on the Processes of Residual Stress Formation and Relaxation

June 17

Plenary Lectures
Chairman V. E. Nakoryakov
0900I. Sh. Akhatov
Dynamics of Multiphase Systems: From Combustion to Acoustic Cavitation
0920A. Serizawa
(Kyoto, JAPAN)
Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Patterns in an Ultra-Small Channel
0950Yulii D. Shikhmurzaev
(Birmingham, UK)
Coalescence and Breakup of Drops and Bubbles: How to Model the Processes without Singularities
1015 V. Sh. Shagapov
(Sterlitamak, RUSSIA)
Some Two-Phase Flows Occurred with Phase Transitions
1055T. R. Nigmatulin, F. G. Bonetto, R. T. Lahey, Jr.
(Troy, USA)
Applications of Laser Anemometry in Experimental Studies of Two-Phase Flows
1120A. M. Grishin
(Tomsk, RUSSIA)
Mechanics of Multiphase Reactive Media and General Mathematical Model of Forest Fires
1145N. R. Sibgatullin, R. A. Sunyaev
(Moscow, RUSSIA)
Methods of Continuum Mechanics in the Theory of Neutron Stars Evolution under the Influence of Disc Accretion
1225R. I. Nigmatulin
Paradoxes and Myths in Mechanics of Multiphase Systems
1330Closing Ceremony