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The International Conference on Multiphase Systems, ICMS'2000
Ufa, RUSSIA, June 15-17, 2000

A Study of Multi-Phase Flows in the Formation and the Well for the Geophysical Monitoring of Oil Production

Valiullin R. A., Sharafutdinov R. F., Yarullin R. K., Fedotov V. Ya.

Bashkir State University, Ufa, RUSSIA

The monitoring of oil extraction to streamline oil field development is effected through a complex of geophysical techniques. The most informative and widely-used of them is well thermometry which is used to identify the operational zones in the well, to determine oil and water flows (watered formations) into the well and to assess the technical condition of the well both during the established and non-established modes of the well operation. The feasibility of employing thermometry to monitor oil extraction results from the fact that the real process of fluid filtration in porous media is a non-isothermal one.