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The International Conference on Multiphase Systems, ICMS'2000
Ufa, RUSSIA, June 15-17, 2000

Analysis of Bubble-Condenser Operation at EREC Test Facility under Design Basis Accident for VVER-440/213

Nigmatulin B. I., Blinkov V. N., Melikhov O. I., Melikhov V. I., Davydov M. V., and Sokolin A. V.

Electrogorsk Research and Engineering Centre on NPPs Safety, Electrogorsk, RUSSIA

Hoffmann D. and Simon U.

Siemens AG Power Generation Group NP-E P.O., Erlangen, GERMANY

In the framework of this PHARE/TACIS project the experimental test facility for bubble condenser experimental qualification has built at Electrogorsk Research and Engineering Centre. The test facility contains high pressure system, compartments upstream of the bubble condenser and a section of the bubble condenser system. The scaling of the test facility is 1:100. The high pressure system consists of five vessels to appropriately model the leak functions (mass flow rate and enthalpy) during the loss of coolant accidents postulated in the design of VVER-440/V213. Design basis accident (LB LOCA) was experimentally and analatically considered. Results of pre-test analysis with ATHLET and DRASYS codes for determination of necessary test parameters and post-test analysis of three tests were presented.