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The International Conference on Multiphase Systems, ICMS'2000
Ufa, RUSSIA, June 15-17, 2000

Modelling of Pressure Diffusion Processes in a Saturated Porous Medium

Gimayev R. N., Yamaletdinova K. Sh., Mukminov F. Kh., Khirazov E. R., Nasyrov A. M.

Bashkir State University, Bashkortostan, Russia 450074, Ufa, Frunze Str. 32, Telephone: (3472) 23-18-87, Fax (3472) 23-67-78 E-mail: bsu-phishim@bsu.bashedu.ru

Despite the fact that the problems of phase transition of the first and second time has been given a comprehensive study, its application to explain processes taking place at the interface of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons in porous medium is quite important.